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Revised Petition for a Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word

This is the revised version of the Dutch petition, which was submitted by the petitioner Robert Jan Kelder on May 28, 2014 to Dutch King William-Alexander of Orange, subsequently further motivated in 2015 and 2016. On November 25, 2016 it was formally rejected by the Chancellery of Dutch Orders on the grounds that it saw no necessity for instituting such a Civil Oder of Knights of the Word as a supplement to the already since 1815 existing Military Willems Order, named after the original William of Orange. Nevertheless this English version has been put on the website to gain further support for it and where it can be countersigned. In the meantime, the idea is to further motivate the necessity for such an order and plan a training courses to educate Grail knights, for that is what knights of the Word are.

Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word

17 signatures
This new order is to be named after the title and main character of the epos by the German medieval poet/knight Wolfram von Eschenbach about the founder of the House Of Orange in the South of France, who as protector of Celtic Christianity was canonised in 1066 as patron saint of Christian knights.
seek a spiritual renewal of christian knighthood to uphold and defend a new and true Christianity.

This new Christianity was characterised by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) as the source of inspiration in the spiritual world of his anthroposophy or science of the Grail with its mission to reunite art, science and religion. As a vehicle thereto he and his followers in 1923/24 reconstituted the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland as a world-wide union of people dedicated to furthering the soul life of the individual and of mankind as a whole.

And request
King William-Alexander of The Netherlands, Grand master of the Military Willems-Order named after Willehalm, and the only one constitutionally privileged to do so, to install an new Civil Order of Knights of the Word (m/f) with its mission to uphold and defend the New Christianity by embodying in a new fashion the knightly virtues of courage, righteousness and loyalty as well as the vows of obedience, chastity and poverty of the monks.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

CAN THE RISE OF ISLAMIZATION STILL BE HALTED? Two Appendices from the true crime Dead End Street

Note: These two appendices I. and II. are taken from Dead End Street - Why the Dutch Secret Service Murdered Their Top Secret Service Agent Theo van Gogh by Slobodan Radojev Mitric that was presented by the publisher Robert J. Kelder on November 2, 2016 at the public commemoration of the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam.   

An answer of sorts to the above question posed by Dusan Tesic Lužanski in his foreword to this book [Dead End Street] can, strange or even unbelievable as it may seem,  be found in the book How the Grail SitesWere Found – Wolfram von Eschenbach and the Reality of the Grail by the Swiss researcher Werner Greub (1907-1997).

This erudite interdisciplinary research report is the first volume of a trilogy on the history of the Grail from Zarathustra, founder of the ancient Persian civilisation more than 6.000 years ago, to Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), founder of what he called “a science of the Grail, or anthroposophy”. Based on Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Grail romance Parzival and his epos Willehalm it reveals a new, ground-breaking biography of this 9th century founder of the House of Orange in the South of France. For as a paladin of Charlemagne and the supreme commander the Carolingian army in the southern flank of the empire, this William of Orange halted the invasion of the marauding Moors from Spain, thereby setting the stage for the inauguration of Parzival as king of the Grail on free Christian soil, an event in which he himself played the role of spiritus rector. This was a historic event of great spiritual significance for the whole of mankind on earth and can be viewed as a repetition of the constellation in the heavens described in the Gospel of Matthew as the Star of Bethlehem heralding through the Three Kings or Magi from the East the birth of the Jesus child as portrayed in the Gospel of Matthew.  
But Willehalm of Orange as a knight of the sword and one of the last defenders of Celtic or Grail Christianity not only halted the Islamic advance into Europe through his exemplary embodiment of the knightly virtues of courage, justice and loyalty, for which he was canonised by Pope Alexander II in 1066 as patron saint of the knights. For, while captive in Spain he managed to convert a Muslim princess Arabel, who later became his second wife Giburc, to an advanced form of Celtic or Grail Christianity that was able to forge a direct link to the ancient mysteries of the East that he had absorbed as a favorite student of the great spiritual teacher Alcuin of York, who was engaged by Charlemagne to educate the ruling classes of his vast empire.  It was this cosmic form of Johannean Christianity, which had led the Three Kings to travel to Palestine to herald the prophesied birth of the Jesus child, with which Arabel as a postgraduate of the palace school of Harun al Raschid in Bagdad could identify and connect, realizing that it was not at all a question of giving up or subduing her own religion, but rather of embracing this advanced form of esoteric Christianity as its necessary supplement.  This spiritual union, as it were, between East and West, forged this time by Willehalm as a knight of the Word is the real underlying motive for their marriage, which of course did not remain without grave consequences for it triggered two great battles near Arles in the South of France between the armies of Arabel’s next of kin and the forces of Willehalm and his family, events which still have not been recorded in history.

These few glimpse into this aspect of Werner Greub’s Grail research may give an indication as to how an answer can be found to what Dusan Tesic Lužanski has called “the third wave of Islamization in Europe.” For it should by now be evident that, in so far as Islamization is a religious phenomenon, that answers beyond this field, be they of a political or military nature, will not suffice. An answer can only come here from a concerted effort of modern knights of the word, inspired by this newfound biography of this model knight of the Sword, who gave up the sword in order to become a knight of the Word in the service of a New Christianity or science of the Grail as championed by anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner and his true advocates, loyal students and benign followers, wherever they are and whoever they may be.  How and by whom this could be done will be indicated briefly in the next appendix.

How the Grail Sites Were Found, ISBN 978-90-73932-27-2, A-4 format, 420 p. can be ordered from your local bookstore or by contacting  the Willehalm Institute Press Foundation at



The first book edition of How the Grail Sites Were Found was presented on May 3, 2013, by the publisher as part of the festivities connected with an international book and art exhibition in Amsterdam City Hall organized by the Willehalm Foundation entitled The Virtues—Towards a New Courtesy.

The book is dedicated to the new Dutch King William-Alexander of Orange and the Dutch Council of High Nobility as part of a petition that was formally submitted on May 28, 2014, to the said king, who according to the constitution is the only one entitled to institute a new order. Now still under consideration by the Dutch Chancellery of Dutch Orders, it entails a request to establish a Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word as a supplement to the Military Willemsorde, which is duly named after the medieval William of Orange (see his image carrying the Star of Bethlehem on his helm in battle with 15 Moorish kings) and of which his current namesake is the Grand Master. (Update: The notion that King William- Alexander has the power to institute such a new Order turned out to be mistaken, this is the sole prerogative of the government. The petition was rejected by the Chancellery on November 25 2016 on the grounds that it saw no necessity for instituting such an order. Nevertheless on March 19, 2017 a revised English version was put on the internet.)
The proposed mission of this new chivalric order of the Word named after the patron saint of the knights has in the meantime been enlarged from helping to develop a new world economic order to furthering and protecting the New Christianity, both of which were introduced by Rudolf Steiner during the first quarter of the 20th century as the economic and spiritual basis for his anthroposophy.

As guidelines for this project, the Willehalm Institute Press Foundation in Amsterdam has published a series of seminal books. The English titles thereof are : The Virtues – Seasons of the Soul, The Just Price – World Economy as Social Organics, and Charter of Humanity - The Principles of the General Anthroposophical Society by the philosopher/ anthroposophist and industrialist Herbert Witzenmann (1905-1988). Forthcoming in this line is a translation into Dutch of Christ and Sophia – Anthroposophical Meditations on the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Apocalypse by Valentin Tomberg (1900-1973) and The Jesus Mysteries – Rudolf Steiner’s Chronology of the Gospels and the Christ Prophecy of Zarathustra from the third volume of Werner Greub’s Grail trilogy.

This knightly endeavor is in line with the seven statutory objectives of the Willehalm Foundation, three of which are:

1.  To perform and publish research concerning the life and work of Willehalm as, on the one hand, the supreme commander of the Carolingian army in the Spanish Mark in the 9th century and, on the other hand, after his retirement from active duty, as the spiritus rector of the Grail events, so as to be able to properly evaluate his hitherto underrated role in the history of the Christian Occident with respect to matters of defence and security as well as spirituality and religion;
2.  To perform research in order to demonstrate how the Willehalm impulse emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in Central Europe in a new form in the anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), also called science of the Grail, with her social component, the idea of the threefold social organism: freedom in the cultural life, equality in the rights sphere and brotherhood in the economy. Also known as social organics, i.e. in the form of a science of world economy understood as the harmonious interaction between the production factors nature, work and capital to achieve fair, just prices by means of economic associations.
3.  To also translate, publish, present and further the works of non-anthroposophical writers and fighters for freedom and justice [such as Slobodan Mitric], who in the spirit of the Willehalm impulse are also striving to bring to the fore, on the one hand, the true, the good and the beautiful in mankind and human society and, on the other hand, to expose and withstand the false, the bad and the ugly for what it is, or in Manichaean sense to transform it.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Commemoration May 28 Medieval Founder of the House of Orange - Petitions to Dutch King William-Alexander for a New Chivalric Order and a Golden Tip

On May 28, it will be 1200 years ago that the founder of the original House of Orange, the Frankish William of Orange, paladin of Charlemagne, protector of Celtic Christianity and patron saint of the knights founded the Christian monastery Gellone in the village of Saint-Guilhelm-le-Desert in Southern France would have died (his official year of death is also given as being 812). According to a recent multidisciplinary erudite research report, published by the Willehalm Institute in Amsterdam in 2013 "How the Grail Sites Were Found - Wolfram von Eschenbach as a historian" by the Swiss anthroposophist Werner Greub, however, this Guillaume d’Orange as he is known and still venerated in France, would have died more than a generation later than is generally assumed, based on not always reliable ecclesiastical documents, For according to this latest research, this leading figure in Wolframs epic “Willehalm” was none other than the enigmatic Master Kyot de Provence, the spiritus rector behind the coronation of the knight of the Word, Parzival as king of the Grail, a spiritual event of great significance for the history of mankind that took place on the second day of Pentecost, May 13 848 in the Grail castle Munsalvaesche situated in the landscape of the Arlesheim Hermitage near Basel, Switzerland, an historically  acknowledged ancient Celtic holy site.
In order to do justice to this, at first sight, astonishing, if not wholly unbelievable information concerning the hitherto hidden spiritual biography of the founder of the House of Orange, who was even married to an Arabian princess Arabel whom he converted to Christianity, there will be - as was announced last year during the exposition “The Virtues – Towards a New Courtesy in Amsterdam City Hall”,  a small commemoration held on Wednesday May 28 in remembrance of his death 1200 years or so ago. This will take place between 1.30 and 2.30 PM near the equestrian statue of his later namesake William of Orange or Silent, the founding father of the Netherlands, in front of Noordeinde palace in the Hague.  There, two petitions to his Majesty King Willem- Alexander will be read and expounded on, after which they will be personally submitted on behalf of the signatories to the military police at the entrance to the royal working palace to be forwarded to the king. Following that, a copy of the first petition (part 1) will be submitted to the High Council of Nobility (Hoge Raad van Adel), which is an advisory body to the king in such matters of chivalry and heraldry.   
The First Petition - Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word

The first petition to His Majesty is to incorporate a Civil Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word as a supplement to the Military Willems-Order, established by King William I in 1815 and named after their medieval namesake and patron saint of knights in the person of Willehalm.  As the Grand Master of the Military Willems-Order, our reigning monarch has, according to the Dutch Constitution, the sole jurisdiction for this purpose. The aim of this new order would be to promote and protect the new form of Celtic or Grail Christianity that went underground in the 9th century, but that in the beginning of the 20th century was reawakened to new life on earth by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), inspired by what he called the powers and substances in the spiritual world of the " New Christianity", and what has come to be known, even though not always in the proper light, as anthroposophy or science of the Grail. This would be the means by which a much-needed contribution to the re-Christianization of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (and beyond) could be made, an integral part of which is the reformation of the world economy through the new principle of civilization, also inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner, called social organics.
Since 1990 the Willehalm Institute Press Foundation, founded in 1985 in Switzerland and settled in 1986 in Amsterdam, has sought to prepare the ground in The Netherlands for this mission by publishing the said publication of Werner Greub on de discovery of the Grail sites, dedicated to King William-Alexander, as well as publishing the works of Herbert Witzenmann, such as "Charter of humanity – The Principles of the General Anthroposophical Society", “The Just Price - World Economy as Social organics" and especially "The Virtues - Seasons of the Soul". Of this last-named book its colorful illustrations by Dutch painter of Jan de Kok together with its 12 corresponding monthly meditations have since April 6 been on display at the Chapel of Zuylen Castle in Oud-Zuilen nearby Utrecht to enhance a series of weekly readings under the title "The New Christianity” of the 12 chapters from the book under (Dutch) translation "Anthroposophical Meditations on the Old Testament" by Valentin Tomberg that will be followed by his " Anthroposophical Meditations on the New Testament and the Revelation of John."
The Second Petition – Karate Bob and the Secret of Noordeinde Palace

Update: Slobodan R. Mitric died on November 25, 2016 in abject poverty of a heart failure without proper medical attention. He was cremated some 10 days later. 

The second petition can, with the necessary impartiality, be considered to be within the spirit of the Willehalm Order, because it concerns a writer, Dr. Slobodan Radojev Mitric (alias Karate Bob), who by virtue of his books, i.e. literary crime reports in the service of truth and justice, may be called a modern knight of the Word. This in spite of repeated attempts at character assassination at the hands of the Dutch Department of Justice in conjunction with the press and media of the overworld, not to mention the real attempts on his life by the underworld. 
This request to the king to reveal the "Secret of Noordeinde Palace" is not only done in the interests of a threatened and even tortured human being, but also in the interests of threatened humanity as whole. This is borne out e.g. by the latest open letter Mitric wrote in his function as World Director of WACE (World Atomic Counter-Espionage) & RPI (Reserve Police-International) entitled “Humanity Has Already One Foot In the Grave – Complete Nuclear Disarmament Is the Only Good Alternative!” and which he placed on his blog “Operation Twins - The Third World War”.
Under the secret of Noordeinde Palace is usually understood, as enshrined in the Constitution, the Ministerial responsibility for the actions of the king. It is summarized on the website of the Royal House under the following title: "Since 1848, the King has been part of the government. According to the Constitution the King is inviolable and the ministers are responsible". This implies that the king should not intervene in political matters, but not that he cannot, for example, comment and give a considered opinion on the veracity of a book, that is after all not a matter of the political sphere of the state, but of cultural life. And this is precisely the content of the second petition to the king as found on internet where it can be signed: "Please confirm that Karate Bob saved your life by giving the Golden Tip". Because it may be perfectly clear to all that if the king, after having made the necessary inquiries, would through the office of the Government Information Service, confirm that it is indeed true what Slobodan Mitric revealed in his evidence-based reality novel "The Golden Tip - The Entanglement of the Upper and Underworld and The Murder of Gerrit Jan Heijn”  published by the Willehalm Press in Dutch in 2008 and in English in 2009, namely that the criminal gang, who in 1987 kidnapped and killed Dutch multi-millionaire Heijn had originally targeted the then crown prince William-Alexander, and that he, Karate Bob, managed to thwart this by passing this Golden Tip in time (in 1986) on to the security services of the Noordeinde Palace, yes, that then Dutch Secretary of State Teeven and the Department of Justice would finally (grudgingly) have to abandon their illegal and inhuman  plans to deport the ailing savior of the occupant of the Dutch throne Karate Bob to his certain death in the former Yugoslavia. Our Majesty could thereby also confirm that it is indeed true (as can be read in Mitric’s Open Letter to the Queen Beatrix in the Appendices of “The Golden Tip”) that he not only owes his life, and therefore that of his Kingship and his children, but also his mother, now Princess Beatrix owes her life to Karate Bob.

Here then a somewhat different version of the secret of Noordeinde Palace is unearthed, which through this second petition our king - after he passed an earlier request for help in this case on to the secretary of state Teeven citing the Ministerial responsibility - is kindly but urgently requested to investigate and, if found to be true, to publicly confirm in the interest of all. We end with a note from Karate Bob himself after he learned that this petition would be submitted soon: "IT IS HIGH TIME - the king and queen can, if they want to, turn wrong into right."
Note: This notice is also available on the Willehalm weblogs
Information about this event taking place on May 28 between 13.30 and 14.30 hours at the equestrian statue of William of Orange in front of the Palace Noordeinde in The Hague can be had from the organizer: Robert Jan Kelder : 0031(0)20-6944572; 06-23559564

King William-Alexander of The Netherlands: Please Confirm that Karate Bob Saved Your Life by Giving "The Golden Tip"!

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Petition to King William-Alexander to Establish a Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word

Willehalm Institute Press Release

Petition to King William-Alexander  to Establish a new Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word  to be further Highlighted during the exhibition of the virtues – towards a new courtesy in Amsterdam city hall

Amsterdam,  April 23  2013 – The dedication and petition to  Dutch King (in waiting) William-Alexander and the High Counsel of Nobility, released on April 19 and now online in DutchEnglishGerman and Frenchto establish a Willehalm Chivalric Order of Knights of the Word  will be further highlighted during the supporting activities of the International Book and Art Exhibition The Virtues – Towards a New Courtesy in Amsterdam City Hall.

The dedication to the King and Counsel concerns a translation by Robert Jan Kelder, founding director of the Willehalm Foundationof the The Virtues – Seasons of the Soul  by Herbert Witzenmann with illuminations by Dutch artist Jan de Kok, which will be presented on April 26 (3-4 PM). Afterwards the announcement of the petition to establish this new Order of Knights named after the Patron Saint of the Knights and Founder of the House of Orange, the Willehalm of legendary fame immortalized in the medieval epos Willehalm by Wolfram von Eschenbach, will be read and commented on in Dutch, English, German and French. This will be followed on May 3 (3-4 PM) by a PowerPoint presentation of a newly revised edition of How the Grail Sites Were Found – Wolfram von Eschenbach as a Historian (see image) by Werner Greub. This translation with its new findings on the hitherto unknown biography of the founder of the House of Orange will also be dedicated to the King and the Council of Nobility as source material for their decision-making process in this delicate matter. A power-point presentation with the title “The Siege and Liberation of Orange” (English/Dutch) will round off the formal supporting activities of the exhibition, which ends on May 10.
The text of the petition itself will be presented on May 28 (update: 2014) to commemorate the 1200th day of death of Willehalm of Orangetogether with a presentation (in Dutch) of The Jezus Mysteries – Rudolf Steiners Chronology of the Gospels and the Christ Prophecy of Zarathustra, a translation from the third volume of Werner Greubs trilogy of the history of the Grail from Zarathustra to Rudolf Steiner, to be held, preferably, in the Royal Hall of the Theosophical Temple Building De Bazel in Amsterdam. (RJK)

Program of the Events within the Framework 
of the Exhibition The Virtues in Amsterdam City Hall
April 26 (3-4 PM): Presentation of the revised English edition of The Virtues - Season of the Soul  and  (4-5 PMreading of the Dutch, English, German and French versions of the dedication and announcement of the petition with room for discussion.
May 3 (3-5 PM): Presentation of the first book edition of the English translation How the Grail Sites Were Found (see image) followed by a power point lecture  “The Siege and Liberation of Orange” (English/Dutch)
May 10  (6 PM): End of the exhibition and onwards to a new, not yet available location of this moving exposition to help generate a Movement Towards a New Courtesy.

Info: ; tel. 0031 (0)206944572

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The Virtues – Towards a New Courtesy

Note: Today, April 3, 2013, the international exposition "The Virtues - Towards an New Courtesy" opened in Amsterdam City Hall. Visitors will be welcomed with the text and image below in which, among other things, a public petition to our new King William Alexander is announced to establish a new Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word. People interested in co-signing this petition are cordially invited to do so by sending an email with their name and home town to or by leaving a commentary below 

The Virtues –
Towards a New Courtesy

Introduction and Accountability in View of Willehalm of Orange and the New Kingship

Here in the hall of Empire City Amsterdam – Austrian Emperor Maximillian granted the capital in 1489 the right to bear the Imperial crown on its coat-of-arms with the current motto Valiant, Steadfast and Compassionate added by Queen Wilhelmina in 1946 – it marks the first time that all 12 contemplations from TheVirtues – Seasons of the Soul, a handbook for the modern art of living by the German philosopher/ anthroposophist Herbert Witzenmann, are exhibited (in English and Dutch) together with the 13 illuminations by the Dutch painter Jan de Kok. This international exhibition will be formally opened on April 5 (3-5 PM) with a Vernissage in the company of the painter, and a book presentation of a revised (Dutch) edition of The Virtues (a new English edition will appear at a later date). In his opening address, the publisher Robert J. Kelder will make a historic connection between the theme of the exhibition and the medieval founding father of the House of Orange, the legendary Willehalm (see image). This was a Paladin of Emperor Charlemagne and one of the last protectors of Celtic or esoteric Christianity who, based on his outstanding embodiment of the knightly virtues of courage, justice and loyalty, was declared Patron Saint of the Knights by Pope Alexander II in 1066. On April 30, 2013 the current William of Orange will not only be inaugurated as King of The Netherlands, but also assume his function as the new Grand master of the Military William Order, which is rightly named after the Patron Saint of the Knights. Encouraged by recent results of historical research concerning the hitherto unknown social and spiritual curriculum vitae of his Franconian namesake, a public petition will be offered to our new King William-Alexander with a well-grounded request to establish, as a supplement to the William Order of the Sword, a Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word. This with the noble aim of giving rise to a Movement for a New Courtesy through the embodiment of the 12 Virtues portrayed here as a counterpoise to the ever increasing discourtesy, the “new ruffianship” and worse in our Kingdom and beyond.

The exhibition, which will be open to the public from April 3 to May 10 on weekdays from 7 AM to 6 PM, is a free contribution to the project “Courtesy of Amsterdam” initiated by Municipal executive councilor Andrée van Es in 2011. Its subtitle Towards a New Courtesy is taken from the Virtue of the month September that begins with “The compassion that becomes freedom restores to courtesy its meaning and dignity.” and that ends with “Thus courtesy becomes tact of the heart”.

H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner
The 12 meditative texts on display here stem reportedly from Madam Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, who attributed a Virtue to each month, e.g. May: perseverance. Afterwards Rudolf Steiner, the principal founder of the Anthroposophical Society, set them in motion: Perseverance becomes faithfulness. Subsequently it was Herbert Witzenmann (1905-1988), a personal student of Rudolf Steiner, who explicated the conceptional movement between the thus conjoined Virtues and wrote a magical-idealistic introduction “On the Genesis of the Virtues” as well as an apologetic-philosophical epilogue “Primer for the Adoption of the Virtues”. He also indicated the sources from the spiritual treasures of mankind for the mantras with which each of the 12 Virtues as Spirits of Movement end.

Jan de Kok
Concerning his illuminations for The Virtues, Jan de Kok, who views Maarten Krabbé and Jan Sierhuis as his teachers, wrote the following, “In the portrayal of The Virtues I allowed myself to be led by nature, nature in which often invisible forces are active in connection with the whole cosmos. This I expressed in pure colour power that ultimately flows out in form power. Colour after all precedes form. Those are the forces that make nature grow. In connection with the image and the text from this booklet, it can come to pass that the spiritual world becomes a reality that one undergoes as a meditative experience. The colour experiences in our soul play an important role in each month. By connecting ourselves with that, this can in the here and now take on a succinct form as a conscious awareness of ourselves and nature around us, which can lead us to better understand the whole, the interconnectedness.”

Willehalm Order of Knights
The historical motivation for the petition to establish a Willehalm Chivalric Order of the Word to our new king, who according to Article 75 of our constitution is the only one entrusted with the power to do so, is based on the scholarly, multi-disciplinary research report Howthe Grail Sites Were Found – Wolfram von Eschenbach and the Reality of theGrail by the Swiss anthroposophist Werner Greub that was published by the Willehalm Foundation in 1999. From this, it appears that after his military career as the supreme commander of the Carolingian army in defense of the Spanish mark against the invading Moors, this William with the Horn played a crucial role in the events leading up to the wonderful coronation of Parzival as King of the Grail as well as in its oral tradition through 11 generations to Wolfram von Eschenbach up until the present.

Dream for our Country, Europe and the World
Under the title The Virtues, William of Orange and the New Kingship this will be elaborated on during lectures in City Hall on April 26 and May 3 as a “Dream for our Country, Europe and the World”, inspiration for the reign of our new king and queen. 
Robert Jan Kelder
Willehalm Foundation,
Amsterdam, April 3, 2013
Last updated February 18, 2020

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